2 bài văn mẫu Cảm nhận về chi tiết bát cháo hành trong truyện ngắn Chí Phèo hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11


Topic: Feelings about the details of the bowl of onion porridge in the short story Chi Pheo by Nam Cao.

Lecture: Chi Pheo (Part 2: Works) – Ms. Thuy Nhan ( Teacher)


– About the author Nam Cao and the work Chi Pheo: Nam Cao is the author of many excellent realistic short stories. Among his typical works, it is impossible to ignore Chi Pheo, a short story containing the depth of thought of writer Nam Cao.

– In each literary work, the artistic details are small, but there are details that carry great significance in expressing the ideas and themes of the work. The “bowl of onion porridge” in Chi Pheo is one of such artistic details!


1. Appearance

– Details appear in the middle of the story

– After the physical meeting between Chi Pheo and Thi No in the banana garden, the next morning, Chi Pheo caught a cold. It was Thi No who took the initiative to go home to cook porridge and bring it to Chi Pheo

2. The bowl of onion porridge in Chi Pheo’s feeling

– The porridge pot is still hot….just went to town to look for rice and onions, but the house still has

– The bowl of onion porridge made Chi Pheo very “surprised” and felt “wet eyes”, because this was the first time he was given a gift by a woman.

– The bowl of onion porridge made Chi Pheo “sorrowful”

– Feeling: “How fragrant is the porridge!” – The bowl of porridge is Thi No’s concern for him

-Just the smoke entering the nose is enough to make people feel relieved

-He realized the onion porridge was delicious

⇒ The simple bowl of onion porridge in Chi Pheo’s opinion is very delicious, that’s the detail that makes him feel cared for for the first time and only time, it awakens the humanity that has been buried in Chi for a long time. Pheo


3. The detailed meaning of the bowl of onion porridge

– About content:

+ Show Thi No’s love for Chi Pheo

+ Is the taste of happiness, late love that Chi Pheo enjoys

+ Arousing the desire to make peace with everyone, hoping for an opportunity to return to an honest life

About art:

+ Deeply portray the character, psychology and tragedy of the character Chi Pheo

+ This is the detail that promotes the development of the plot

+ It is a detail that the author believes in the power to touch people with human love

– Reaffirming the role of the detail of the bowl of onion porridge in awakening the honesty in Chi’s soul in particular and in expressing the theme and thought of the story in general.

– Contact your feelings about this special detail


Nam Cao is an excellent realist writer of modern Vietnamese literature. Referring to Nam Cao is referring to the masterpiece Chi Pheo with excellent success in terms of content. But besides that, to make the work a success, it is impossible not to mention the contributions in terms of art. In which, the artistic details have a particularly important role, especially the detail of the bowl of onion porridge Thi No brought to Chi Pheo.

Chi Pheo was originally an orphan, grew up an honest farmer with beautiful dreams and aspirations. But because of Ba Kien’s jealousy when he caught Chi squeezing his grandmother’s feet, Chi was pushed by Ba Kien into a colonial prison for seven or eight years. The colonial prison molded a Chi Pheo with a hideous appearance: a shaved head, white shaved teeth, full of tattoos, and used the profession of slitting his face to make a living. On his face were long, deep scars that nothing could erase. Chi was corrupted by the semi-feudal colonial society in terms of humanity and humanity.

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When Chi Pheo came back from drinking wine from Tu Lang’s house, he did not go straight home as usual, but went to the river to bathe. At the same time, Chi saw Thi No lying on a banana tree. Despite Thi No’s screams, in the setting of a moonlit night between Chi Pheo and Thi No, a beautiful love affair arose, but only for five days. At midnight that night, Chi Pheo had a bad cold, Thi No helped him into the tent and the next morning brought him a large bowl of porridge with the thought: That battle is really a must know. Let’s call it hard today. Gotta give him something to eat. If you’re sick, you can only eat onion porridge, if you can sweat, you’ll be relieved right there… . In that thought is not only responsibility but also sincere love, concern and concern between people and people. The detail of the bowl of onion porridge contains many meanings, showing the deep humanitarian values ​​of the author.

For Thi No, the bowl of onion porridge shows Thi No’s sense of responsibility to Chi Pheo: if I leave him now, I’ll lose money. Anyway, they ate together. But not only that, the bowl of porridge is also Thi No’s sincere and sincere love for Chi Pheo: That reckless guy is also pitiful, there is nothing more pitiful than being sick and lying alone. Thus, both from responsibility and obligation, and from love, Thi No brought a bowl of porridge to Chi Pheo.

For Chi Pheo, it was first and foremost a bowl of porridge to help him relieve his cold and help him overcome his illness. But if the bowl of onion porridge had only such meaning, it would not have been worthy of the title of a special artistic detail. The bowl of onion porridge helped Chi wake up, go from the forgotten realm back to the memory realm, help Chi detoxify his soul, gradually regain his humanity. This guy is very surprised. After being surprised, he saw that his eyes seemed to be wet, which was Chi’s extreme emotion when for the first time in his life received attention and care from another person, and this was a woman. Until now, he had never had anything naturally, everything was due to threats and robberies. That also shows the tragic, marginalized society of Chi in the current situation. Not only that, the bowl of onion porridge also evokes in Chi love, the desire to make peace with everyone, to return to being an honest person: He craves honesty, how he wants to make peace with everyone! Thi No will pave the way for him. Thus, with just a bowl of onion porridge, it has contributed to awakening Chi Pheo’s buried humanity for so long. At the same time, the bowl of onion porridge is also the taste of happiness, the rare and belated love that Chi received. Along with a bowl of onion porridge, love has helped awaken the honest nature in Chi Pheo.

The bowl of onion porridge is a unique artistic detail, contributing to the continued development of the story line. Thereby also depicting the personality, psychology and tragedy of Chi Pheo’s life. At the same time, this detail also shows Nam Cao’s profound humanitarian value: he always has faith in the human part, the humanity part of each person, as long as it is in certain suitable conditions and circumstances. The alienated person will also be tamed.

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Nam Cao is a typical realist writer of Vietnamese literature in the period 1930-1945. He succeeded with the work “Chi Pheo”, which recreated the situation of the peasants before the August Revolution who were suppressed to the point of losing both their humanity and their humanity. However, he is also a writer rich in humanity who has given his character the human love shown in the detail of the bowl of onion porridge that Thi No cooked for Chi Pheo. That bowl of porridge is the embodiment of humanity, awakening Chi’s conscience, giving him faith and hope. This is an artistic detail with profound humanitarian values, leaving readers with many thoughts and concerns.

Each character image, an artistic detail is the author’s thoughts, feelings and intentions. It is no coincidence that Nam Cao let Thi No appear with a simple bowl of onion porridge, but it has great value in both content and art for the work that makes the writer’s success and uniqueness.

After meeting each other by chance, the two souls will find each other together. The vomiting and unusual fever that night came to Chi caused Thi No to have compassion for him. Thi thought, “That reckless guy is pitiful, what can be more pitiful than being sick and lying around alone”, she can’t forget last night’s incident and also can’t bear to leave him because: “abandon him now, also silver. Anyway, they slept together! Eat together as husband and wife.” It was her compassion and sincere feelings that prompted her to cook a pot of onion porridge for Chi so that he could be revived.

Thi No’s bowl of onion porridge for Chi is an expression of human love. For a long time, Chi was shunned by everyone, considered the devil of Vu Dai village, so everyone was afraid and avoided every time he passed, no one cared about Chi’s existence and presence. That’s why her thoughtful and sincere act over a bowl of onion porridge made him surprised and touched because this was the first time he was given and cared for by a woman. His eyes look wet.” The tears of the human part of Chi melted, the heart that seemed like iron began to come to life to feel the taste of onion porridge, the taste of life, the simple love that he enjoyed for the first time. Thanks to the bowl of onion porridge, Thi No and Chi Pheo “They will make a very suitable couple”, they can live as humans, live according to their instincts and qualities that have been hidden and forgotten now. vigorous rise.

Her bowl of onion porridge and her sincere feelings give Chi her faith, hope, and desire to return to being an honest person and live a decent life. “Her bowl of porridge made him think a lot. He can find friends, why only make enemies?” The town of No has paved the way for him to return to his life, the city is the bridge connecting him with the outside world. Chi was revived with the desire to return to a simple life as an ordinary person like many people: “Oh my God! He wants to be honest, how he wants to make peace with people.”

However, the bowl of onion porridge is also Chi’s despair when he tragically refused and was denied the right to be a human. In the most painful moment, the “light” scent of onion porridge appeared, causing Chi Pheo to sink deeper into despair. He was on the other side of the slope of life, but this was the first time he had eaten onion porridge, even though it was because of the hands of an ugly woman who hated the devil, but it was better than nothing anyway, even though it was late, still has meaning in his life. Thought to be revived, immersed in his own aroma of onion porridge, but social prejudices have deprived him of his right to be that person. He had to shout, “Who gave me honesty? How do I get rid of these shards of bottles on the face?” That cry was so painful and painful that there was no other way to get rid of it but death. Nothing is so ordinary, as idyllic as the onion porridge, the bowl of onion porridge through Nam Cao’s gaze and humanitarian heart becomes a knife that cuts the blood of the damaged, calloused soul where Chi is now. he drowned in despair and death. Writing like that, only the talented pen of a genius can do that.

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Through the details of the bowl of onion porridge, it shows the beauty of the personality, the beauty of the soul of a woman from a house of leprosy, ugly, evil spirits, but still poor and crazy. The bad looks have all converged in the town of No. Ugly, painful, ugly, insulting the viewer because “Her face is truly an irony of merit”, yet that person has a kind heart, tolerance, sympathy and understanding towards each other. with Chi. It is these hidden qualities that have brought Chi out of the dark days of the devil.

The details of the bowl of onion porridge show Nam Cao’s humane vision. He always believes in the goodness in honest people and affirms that only human love can transmute evil. The honest nature and the desire for happiness is the good nature in human beings that is never lost, even if it is taken away by the devil, but only needs to be lit by the fire of human love, it will rise again to demand. strong right to life.

The detail of Thi No’s bowl of onion porridge reminds us of old lady Tu’s bowl of bran porridge in Kim Lan’s work “Picked up wife” which is a bowl of simple rural porridge, a bowl of porridge of humanity and love. warmth that only humans can have and for each other. Although the bowl of onion porridge only appears as a small detail expressing the content of the work, it has great value, marking the beginning of the psychological change of Chi Pheo’s character, a turning point for the change of life. Chi’s life is lived as himself.

Thus, with the talent of writer Nam Cao, the detail of the bowl of onion porridge in the work “Chi Pheo” has real value and profound humanitarian value. On the one hand, it denounces the cruel society that pushes farmers to the end, and on the other hand, praises their good qualities. The book’s pages are folded, but the image of a bowl of onion porridge with a human aftertaste leaves haunting thoughts and lessons for readers. In life, let’s love, share and care for each other and only sincere love has the power to move.

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