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  • Outline Thoughts about the best short story The Girl Who Sells Matches
    • Outline Thoughts on the short story Little Match Girl
    • Thoughts on the short story Little Match Girl – model 1
    • Thoughts on the short story The Little Match Girl – model 2

Outline Thoughts about the best short story The Girl Who Sells Matches

Topic: Outline Thoughts on Andersen’s short story The Little Match Girl.

Lecture: The girl who sold matches – Ms. Pham Lan Anh ( teacher)

Outline Thoughts on the short story Little Match Girl


A. Introduction:

– About the author of the work: “The Little Match Girl” is a famous short story by the Danish writer – Andersen.

– Overview of the work’s content: The story “The Little Match Girl” depicts the pitiful image of the little match girl and at the same time shows the author’s humanity through the unique art of storytelling.

B. Body:

Argument 1: Perception of the content

* Poor girl selling matches

– Situation:

+ poor family, orphaned mother, grandmother’s death caused the family to go bankrupt and decline

+ have to sell matches to make money

+ often beaten and assaulted by his father if he could not sell matches

– New Year’s Eve scene: a cold night, when the house is bright with lights and the aroma of food spreads around every corner.

– In contrast to that scene is the image of a girl selling matches sitting in the corner of the wall, suffering from each cold wind tearing her meat but not daring to return home for fear of her father’s beating, making the reader emotional, sympathetic, and deeply saddened. .

– In the midst of a really pitiful situation, 4 matches to warm up are 4 dreams of the little girl, a dream, a wish for both the past and the future.

+ For the first time, she imagined a fireplace.

+ The second swipe she saw a hearty table.

+ The third swipe is the colorful Christmas tree of Christmas night.

+ The fourth swipe, the grandmother appeared in front of the girl

+ Each match is a dream, but when the match is extinguished, the bitter reality reappears. The interweaving between reality and fantasy in the eyes of a child has once again evoked the girl’s pitiful and emotional situation and her simple and sincere desires and dreams.

– The image of a girl selling matches dying from the cold, but her cheeks are still rosy and her lips are smiling, makes the reader unable to help but be shocked, moved and dumbfounded by the pitiful fate of man.

Thesis 2: Through the pitiful image of the girl selling matches, the author condemns the indifference and insensitivity of society.

– The first person to condemn is the girl’s father, a cruel, heartless father who can’t take care of his child and brutally exploits and assaults her. That is the corruption and corruption of human morality.

– Not only that, the society itself is also indifferent and insensitive to me. They couldn’t buy her a matchbox or give her anything that only cared about themselves. When I saw the girl’s body on the side of the road, the indifference made me even more angry when they only said a green sentence “It must be warm!”.


Thesis 3: The author’s humanitarian heart

– Sympathy and pity for the unfortunate fate of the little match girl

– Empathize with the simple and sincere dreams and desires of small people.

– Condemn and denounce the indifference, indifference and insensitivity of a class of people in society.

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– Aim for the little girl’s deliverance by having her reunited with her grandmother in Heaven, under God’s protection.

Argument 4: Art

– The art of compelling storytelling, harmoniously interweaving between reality and fantasy.

– The character’s psychological development is reasonable.

C. Conclusion:

– Reaffirming the value of the work: “The Girl Who Sells the Matches” is a work that deeply touches the reader with the pitiful plight of a small person in front of an emotionless society.

– Relating to humanitarianism in literature: The work shows the great humanitarian heart of the writer.

Thoughts on the short story Little Match Girl – model 1

An – Dec – Xen is known as the old man who tells fairy tales, a great writer of Denmark. The stories he wrote are not only for children, but in each story written for children, there are humanitarian lessons for adults. He has many famous works, one of which must be mentioned is the short story: “The Little Match Girl”. Prominently in the work is the image of a pitiful little match girl.

First of all, the girl who sells matches is depicted with a poor and miserable background. Orphaned at an early age, she lives with her father and grandmother. But then the grandmother who loved me the most also let me stay and fly to heaven. She lives with her alcoholic father, who forces her to work every day to earn money for herself. A little girl too young to work so hard. A little girl who lacks the love of her family.

The little match girl had to endure many hardships and difficulties even on Christmas Day – a warm family reunion day. In the cold, white blizzard, everyone wore warm and bright clothes, but I walked barefoot on the snow-covered white ground. Her feet were red because of the cold. On her body was torn clothes, bare head not wearing a hat so that the snow covered her head. It was pitiful to look at from the outside.

I kept inviting people around to buy matches, but no one cared about the poor girl. Here we see the reproach hidden deep in Andersen’s sentence about people living too quickly, lacking love for humanity, ignoring small creatures. She was cold, hungry and cold but did not dare to go home for fear that her father would beat her because she could not sell any matches.

I look at the street with the lights on, at the cozy decorated houses that make readers feel so sad. The author sketches contrasting lines to emphasize the pitiful and needy of the little match girl. When “every house was brightly lit and the street smelled of roast goose”, she recalled the beautiful past when her kind grandmother was still alive. Memories appear brief but enough to make me smile in the cold. But the more beautiful the past, the more pitiful and bitter the present.


The girl who sold the matches was felt most deeply in the matches she struck. The first match is “blue at first, gradually fades away, whitens, glows around the stick, bright and pleasing to the eye”. That light overwhelmed the feeling of immense darkness, to reveal the image of “an iron fireplace with shiny bronze reliefs”.

Her joy comes in the illusion of “fire is pleasing to the eye and gives off a gentle heat”. The simple dream, simply sitting in front of the fireplace, I can’t have. The reality in front of my eyes is the dense white snow, the cold winter weather cuts my skin. The light goes out, the darkness surrounds again.

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She struck a second match and the glow of the match’s flame turned the gray wall into “a curtain of colored cloth”. The happiness in warm houses came to me, when I saw: “The table is set, the tablecloth is pure white, the table is full of precious porcelain dishes, and there is a roast goose”. Not only do I have to suffer from the cold, I also have to suffer from hunger. Therefore, the more practical that wish is, the more deeply my poverty of hunger and cold deepens. But it wasn’t long before reality surrounded me. I have to face again with “empty streets, freezing cold, white snow covered, north wind”. Not only that, I also witnessed the estranged indifference of passers-by, the contrasting image portrayed by the writer made us ache in front of the unfortunate baby.

And I struck another match. The match burned brightly, the light area reappeared. The light from the match gave her a splendid aura, giving her “a Christmas tree”, as if giving her a childhood paradise: “Thousands of bright candles, twinkling on the branches and leaves. verdant and lots of colorful pictures like the ones in the closet.” The match went out again, bringing away the joy that had just been opened. EM hastily struck another match against the wall, a blue light radiates around and the baby can clearly see that his grandmother is smiling at him “- Grandma! The baby cried, let me go! I know that matches are When you turn off, you will disappear like the fireplace, roast goose, and Christmas tree just before, but please don’t leave me here; before, when you did not return to the merciful God, we were happy. How much! Back then, you used to tell me that if I’m obedient, I’ll see you again, grandma! I beg of you, I beg you, begging God to let me come back to you. Surely He wouldn’t refuse.”

I lit up the rest of the matches. I want to hold my grandma! Matched matches shine like the middle of the day. I have never seen my grandma so big and beautiful. The old woman took her brother’s hand, and then the two of them flew high and high, no longer hungry, cold, and sad to threaten them. They have come to worship God.

Her death was both pitiful and magical. Because it is as gentle as a sleep, a dream. My dream is beautiful. But the more beautiful it is, the more painful it is. The child selling matches lived a poor little life lacking the love of his parents and the love of the community.

Through the character of the girl who sold the matches, Andersen spoke out in love with poor, poor children. At the same time, it is also a criticism of people who are indifferent and lack love for difficult people.


Thoughts on the short story The Little Match Girl – model 2

One of the writers associated with childhood with children all over the world that we cannot fail to mention is the famous Danish writer Andersen. And surely we all remember the image of the little match girl, seemingly engraved on the back of everyone’s mind. The girl sells matches, but the character contains valuable lessons about life and people.

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The character of the girl who sells matches is the central image throughout the entire work. The writer relies on that to convey messages about life to the readers

The writer has succeeded in building a typical character along with the context in the work in a very vivid way. It is a haunting image of a poor girl who is helpless in the freezing cold air in the middle of a snowy street, and is even more lonely when she is placed next to the atmosphere of family reunions.

In the space “Every house is bright with lights and the street smells like roast goose”, the little match girl recalls her past life, the time when she was alive, with ivy hanging around. The house evokes warmth and happiness. And that life back then was the complete opposite of the life I now have, life with my father full of darkness and the smell of hell. Even though it’s cold and hungry, I really want to go home, but I’m afraid of being beaten by my father because I haven’t sold any matches. The girl appeared full of childhood but soon lived in poverty both materially and spiritually. It is that opposite reality that makes me even more intensely yearn for a warm reunion in the winter days: “Wow! Now, I can light a match to warm up to avoid the cold”. For me, it was just a small dream in the midst of the urban hustle and bustle, but that detail is enough to take away the tears of pity for an unfortunate child. And I ventured to light a match “at first blue, gradually fade away, white, pink around the stick, bright and pleasing to the eye”, that little light makes me somewhat happy. But the harshness of the cold extinguished that small flame.

I continued to swipe the second stick with the desire to have a full life. The scene of “rows of bright candle flames, sparkling on green branches and lots of colorful paintings like those displayed in a shop shelf” appeared beautifully, but was still destroyed by the weather.

Just a small fire to warm up, just a little dream to give my life some hope, but it’s all affected by the outside environment, the society out there and the hustle and bustle… All of them have ruthlessly taken away that little happiness. pity for the fate of children who had to grow up early and had to suffer the torments of life early. and in the end, I just want to be able to rely on my dead grandmother. The third match that appears is the image of a grandmother with her arm welcoming him. And I went with her to a region of happiness, so that I wouldn’t have to be beaten by this life anymore. That was the moment when I left the world, the writer Andersen who humanized and exaggerated her death was also a heart of compassion, emotion, affection for her, for her. How many unhappy children out there in the world.

With a very simple writing style and clear language, the children’s writer Alexander has successfully built the character of a girl who sells matches with all compassion and love. Thereby we have more understanding and appreciation of happiness for today’s children.

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