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Topic: Analysis of the story An Duong Vuong and My Chau – Trong Thuy

Lecture: The Story of An Duong Vuong and My Chau – Trong Thuy – Ms. Truong Khanh Linh ( Teacher)

The story of An Duong Vuong and My Chau – Trong Thuy is a unique legend on the topic of national defense of our nation. The content tells about the father and son An Duong Vuong, because of their subjectivity and gullibility, they were stolen by their father and son, Trieu Da and Trong Thuy, leading to the loss of their home and country.


Through the painful defeat of An Duong Vuong, the breakup of the father-son relationship and the tragic end of the couple My Chau – Trong Thuy, our people expressed their resistance to the aggressive war and drew lessons. learn to protect the country deeply: not to be subjective, complacent, to rely on weapons, to always clearly distinguish between friends and foes, sharpen your vigilance before all malicious plots of the enemy.

The story can be divided into two parts. Part one (from the beginning to… did not dare to direct the war, so he asked for peace): An Duong Vuong built a citadel, built a crossbow to defend the country. The rest: The love tragedy of My Chau – Trong Thuy is associated with the failure of Au Lac country. Both parts of the story clearly show the awareness and attitude of the people towards the role and responsibility of An Duong Vuong and his son before history.


An Duong Vuong inherited the cause of nation building of eighteen Hung Vuong generations. At that time, Van Lang tried his own country and culture. Therefore, the fight against the enemy to preserve the country is a matter of survival of the nation. An Duong Vuong moved the capital from the mountains of Nghia Linh, Phong Chau (Phu Tho) to the plain of Phong Khe (Dong Anh, Hanoi today) to develop production and expand circulation. citadel building. It was the right decision to demonstrate An Duong Vuong’s clear intellect and steady bravery.

It was very difficult to build a citadel on earth. It is said that the citadel that is built during the day will fall at night, and the construction will not be completed forever. The ancients explained that this phenomenon was caused by the destruction of the devil. Leaving aside the mythical factor, we can see the practical difficulties that An Duong Vuong encountered when carrying out the construction of the citadel. It was because he did not understand the characteristics of the plain land, due to limited technology and did not know how to rely on people’s strength.

Later, the pharmacist Thanh Giang or Golden Turtle helped, An Duong Vuong built the citadel within half a month. The act of setting up a group of men, welcoming the old man into the palace to ask for a plan to build a citadel, going to the East gate to wait for the Thanh Giang porcelain, listening to the Golden Tortoise to eliminate demons, etc., show An Duong Vuong’s respectful attitude to the talent of An Duong Vuong. in the construction and defense of the country. The help of the Golden Tortoise proves that An Duong Vuong’s construction of Loa Thanh was in accordance with the will of heaven and with the people, so it was supported by the people.

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An Duong Vuong was first and foremost an excellent military man. He knew how to build high citadel and dig deep trenches to protect the capital. An Duong Vuong was supported by Cao Lo in creating bows and crossbows to fight the invaders. The power of that weapon has been magically and divined by folk authors with the image of a crossbow.

The key image of the story is the magic paddle. The Golden Turtle helped the king build Loa Thanh and gave him weapons to protect the country. The frank cross symbolizes the strength of the Au Lac state, symbolizing the wisdom, strength and desire to conquer foreign invaders of our ancestors at that time.

The magic crossbow, capable of one shot killing tens of thousands of enemies, is both a product of imagination and reflects the production and use of combat weapons of the Au Lac people. Our army has manufactured bows and crossbows and cast copper corrugated iron. That weapon, though rudimentary, was no less effective in fighting against aggression.

When Trieu Da dragged his army to invade, because An Duong Vuong had a magic crossbow in his hand, Trieu Da’s army lost big, did not dare to confront, so he asked for a peace. The victory of King An Duong proved the military strength of Au Lac state at that time, and affirmed the will and solidarity of our people. This is a positive lesson in the cause of building and defending the country.

After the victory, King An Duong was born subjective, forgetting that the danger of invasion of the northern enemy always existed.

We grieve for the father and son of An Duong Vuong because of a disastrous mistake that led to the disaster of losing the country. The king failed to analyze that the act of making peace and then proposing to Trieu Da’s son was actually a malicious plot to prepare for the next invasion. The defeat of An Duong Vuong did not have to wait until the enemy troops approached sincerely, but it was revealed when the king let his guard down and agreed to let Trong Thuy enter the citadel.

He was willing to marry Mi Chau to Trong Thuy, and even let him stay in-laws, is that any different from “Sleeve beekeeping, fox rearing in the house”?! This is an unwarranted peace, creating a favorable opportunity for the enemy to break from the inside. The seeds of dehydration originate here.

After the victory, An Duong Vuong did not care about consolidating his forces, did not rely on the strength of uniting the entire people to fight the enemy, but instead relied on weapons and the support of the gods. Enemy grasping all leads to inevitable defeat.

Hearing the news that Trieu Da had sent troops to fight Au Lac, An Duong Vuong, who had a magic crossbow, still suddenly sat down to play chess, smiled and said: “Isn’t Da afraid of the divine crossbow?”. led An Duong Vuong quickly to a catastrophic defeat. When the enemy had approached sincerely, An Duong Vuong picked up the crossbow, saw that the god was lost, and fled; In the midst of poverty, An Duong Vuong had no other way to bring him. followed his daughter on a horse, left the city and ran south.

An Duong Vuong and his son were on the same road, but the enemy kept following the traces of My Chau’s goose feathers sprinkled along the way, pursuing closely behind. It is true that An Duong Vuong and his son have lost the position of heaven and earth.

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When the Golden Turtle appeared on the water, shouting: “Whoever sits behind the horse is that enemy, then An Duong Vuong will come to his senses. This is the strong condemnation of justice and the people for the unintentional treason of My Chau. The king himself slashed his beloved daughter to death, and also dealt with himself severely and fiercely for his own mistakes. But it was all too late. The story ends tragically!


The act of drawing a sword and slashing at My Chau shows An Duong Vuong’s resolute stance on the side of justice and national interests for the trial, and at the same time shows his belated understanding of his serious mistake.

This is the price he has to pay for the irreparable mistake, related to the fate of the country and the nation.

Father and son An Duong Vuong, because of being subjective and losing vigilance, directly destroyed his career and pushed Au Lac to the disaster of losing the country. It is a bloody lesson in the attitude of being caught off guard by the enemy for those at the top, responsible for the survival of the nation.

The image of An Duong Vuong holding a rhinoceros horn seven inches, following the Golden Turtle down to the water palace is a magical element that reflects the liberation and personal feelings of the people towards him. The people mourned the talented and brave king, so they did not want him to die. The detail of the tolerant seabed welcoming the immortal hero shows the admiration and mourning of the ancients.

An Duong Vuong’s mistake was the cause of My Chau’s mistakes. My Chau – Trong Thuy love is a twisted love, it is not the product of natural love but the product of a sinister plot in an unjust war.

Mi Chau made the mistake of blind love, so she accidentally turned herself into an accomplice to the enemy. She is naive and honest to the point of being gullible. She dared to hide it from her father so that Trong Thuy could see the magic crossbow, forgetting that it was the son of a beast. Since then, My Chau has helped Trong Thuy steal the secrets of the nation’s powerful weapons, leading to a disaster that the country fell into the hands of the enemy. On the way to escape, she continued to sprinkle goose feathers to guide the enemy in pursuit of her father. Those two actions of My Chau are felonies. Many people think that the above actions are accidental, but after all, Me Chau believes and loves Trong Thuy too much, so she blindly listened to her husband’s words. It’s not wrong to call her the Golden Tortoise by name because she has caused serious consequences.

Trieu Da, the land lord of Nam Hai, brought his army to rob Au Lac but failed because An Duong Vuong had a magic crossbow. Knowing that he couldn’t use force, he switched to a plan. Trieu Da asked for reconciliation, then prayed for his body and then proposed to his son. (In the old days, in diplomatic relations, countries often used hostages or proposed marriage to keep peace.)

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This is a very malicious conspiracy. The person who helped Trieu Da break the magic crossbow and capture Au Lac was Trong Thuy. Trong Thuy is a pitiful but also hateful character. He accepted to be a tool to carry out his father’s invasion plan. Despite being the son-in-law of King An Duong, in fact, Trong Thuy was a powerful spy planted in Au Lac land. By all cunning tricks, Trong Thuy tricked Mi Chau to change the gods, then lied to visit. father to bring back the country. Trieu Da got the stunner, and when he was happy, he sent his army to invade Au Lac again.

While My Chau naively believed her husband, Trong Thuy deceived her and set out to take over the gods. However, during the days in Loa Thanh, living with his beautiful and obedient wife, Trong Thuy had a true love for Mi Chau. The conflict between the two great ambitions that co-exist in Trong Thuy’s person, the ambition to capture Au Lac and the ambition to be full of love with the beautiful people also began to arise. But those two ambitions cannot be reconciled. Therefore, after winning, Trong Thuy should have enjoyed the glory, but he suffered to the point of committing suicide because of regret and mourning for Me Chau. Trong Thuy committed suicide because she realized that she could not resolve the fierce conflict in her person. His death evoked a bit of sadness and pity in everyone’s hearts.

My Chau – Trong Thuy’s love affair was erratic because it was always dominated by Trieu Da’s invasion plot. Therefore, the tragic end of that love really meant denouncing the senseless war.

My Chau – Trong Thuy’s love is intimate but tragic. Our people do not praise, but only show them a pity because their happiness was broken by the war. That unjust love was compensated by the image of pearls and wells. This is an image showing the attitude of resistance to the war of aggression, a humanitarian voice and also the happy ending of the fairy tale.


Vietnamese people are inherently ethical and full of compassion, so they reduce the tragedy of the story with magical images: An Duong Vuong was brought to the aquarium by the Golden Turtle; My Chau’s vows strictly fulfilled her blood flowing into the sea, a species of mussels eaten turned into pearls; If My Chau jade is washed with water from the well where Trong Thuy is immersed, it will shine.

The story of An Duong Vuong, My Chau – Trong Thuy is loved by many generations of Vietnamese people because of its profound content value and unique artistic value. Through the story, we can partly imagine the tragedy of our nation’s loss of country in the Au Lac period and more deeply the lesson of preserving the country that our ancestors drew. The story also reminds us about friends and enemies; the relationship between the country and the home… The great lessons learned from this legend are always hot in the meaning of education in all circumstances and at all times.

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